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Submit Date : 3/4/2015 8:30:53
Using almost 6.4 billion m3 CNG has brought the same amount of portal saving since the beginning this year.
Submit Date : 12/20/2014 13:5:46
Niopdc managing director Director: CNG Consumption hasn’t been changed noticeably for the past few years , he told Shana, average CNG consumption was 17 million m3 in 2011 daily , 19 million m3 ...
Iran as CNG Consumption pole in the world CNG Consumption reaches to more than 4.5 billion m3 
Submit Date : 1/20/2015 15:24:44
Submit Date : 12/8/2014 14:15:21
Inaugurating 63 stations in the first 8 months of the current year , the capacity of CNG fueling has reached to 2.5 million m3/h in the country.
Submit Date : 12/20/2014 14:40:5
Tehran has been allocated the greatest Share of consuming 389 million m3 CNG (clean fuel) in the first half of the year.
Submit Date : 12/8/2014 14:18:26
CNG consumption problems and its development methods in transportation fleet is being studied by forming a special working group in order to increase this fuel share up to 30% .
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